Technology Ideation

From a new perspective, join us in Technology Ideation as we help you uncover areas for improvement and propel your brand awareness and adoption by accountants and end users


A secure environment is one of the most crucial pieces of an adoptable and scalable solution


We will help you identify a marketing plan from research of existing competitors, the need of your technology in the industry and your targeted audience

Overall Experience

Using an effective grading system, we will examine the overall experience and create ideation suggestions.

Accounting Integrity

Accounting integrity requires that the fundamental element of the integration aligns with the desired and expected financial data outcome


We will recommend open source integration possibilities and suggest back end partnership connections


Discover new ways to increase utilization of available resources within streamlined workflows

Stability Testing

We will search for bugs and unexpected results to help you create and maintain a stable environment as an active quality control

Content Developer

Accounting & Technology Trainer

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