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Liz Scott Training and Consulting is built upon a futuristic foundation. We can help you transform your app from ground up and help you market it. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of influential leaders in the industry, Technology Ideation helps you uncover areas for improvement and propel your brand awareness and adoption by accountants and end-users.

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Email management with Copilot

Email management with Copilot

In the bustling digital age, managing our email inboxes can often feel like navigating a complex labyrinth, filled with endless twists and turns. It's with great excitement that I bring you another insightful Microsoft 365 tutorial today, focusing on a game-changing...

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Team Member Updates with Copilot

Do you might want to keep track of what your team members are working on, how they are communicating with others, and what challenges they are facing? Copilot can help you get a quick and comprehensive summary of a team member's work activities and communication for...

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