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Liz Scott Training and Consulting is built upon a futuristic foundation. We can help you transform your app from ground up and help you market it. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of influential leaders in the industry, Technology Ideation helps you uncover areas for improvement and propel your brand awareness and adoption by accountants and end-users.

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Integrating Power Automate in Microsoft Copilot

Integrating Power Automate in Microsoft Copilot

I'm a strong proponent of optimizing processes and integrating applications! You may already be familiar with platforms such as Zapier or Make, which offer user-friendly interfaces for connecting diverse applications through triggers and actions. Notably, Power...

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Exploring Copilot in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Exploring Copilot in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Like many professionals, my days are filled with Microsoft Teams meetings, which have become significantly more efficient since I began exploring the features of Copilot. This tool streamlines meeting processes, ensuring no detail goes overlooked and every meeting is...

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