Accountant-Approved Apps

It’s tough choosing the perfect app, and now there’s support! Which apps are best-in-class and will seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks is a time-consuming effort. Our clients are looking for QuickBooks apps, and they want them now. This is why, through the expansion of the Reimagined ProAdvisor    Program, one of the newest benefits is accountant-approved apps recognized by badges on the QuickBooks app store.  

Businesses are seeking app expertise. At Apps.com, you can find over 700 QuickBooks-approved apps. This means apps have provided the necessary security information and testing needed to be listed on the site. That’s where the Accountant-approved apps come into play. The goal of the program is to expand on the testing by undergoing a review by fellow ProAdvisor app experts to test integrations, mapping, importing, exporting, and customer support to ensure apps are working as expected. 

It’s impossible to become an expert in all the apps but we must stay engaged with selected apps especially when the goal is to connect to QuickBooks. The right tools and resources help us, and our clients excel in business. 

To excel in our profession, it’s crucial to have access to the right tools and resources. Intuit’s ProAdvisor Program has long been a cornerstone of support for accountants, and now, with the exciting reimagined ProAdvisor Program, it’s setting new standards for what it means to be a ProAdvisor and why this transformation is beneficial for the accounting community. 

The ProAdvisor Recast: Designed with Accountants for Accountants 

Intuit’s ProAdvisor Program has always aimed to support growth, efficiency, and scalability within the accounting profession. The revamped ProAdvisor Program takes this mission a step further by introducing an array of new benefits tailored to meet the evolving needs of accountants and accounting firms. Here’s a quick look at some of the exciting changes: 

  • Email Templates: Imagine having a collection of professionally designed email templates at your disposal, ready to be customized and sent to your clients. These templates are a game-changer, saving you time and ensuring that your communication is not only efficient but also polished. 
  • Deeper Mailchimp Discount: Effective client communication and marketing are essential for any accounting practice. With a deeper Mailchimp discount, you can harness the power of email marketing to reach a wider audience and strengthen client relationships. 
  • Tax Product Training and Discounts: Tax season can be one of the busiest times for accountants. The ProAdvisor Program now offers comprehensive tax product training and exclusive discounts, making it easier for you to navigate this critical period with confidence. 
  • Firm Growth Consultation: Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your practice, the opportunity to consult with experts in firm growth can be transformative. Get insights and advice on strategies to take your accounting practice to the next level. 
  • Accountant-Approved Apps: Leverage industry expert recommendations to choose the right apps for your firm and your clients! 

Let’s delve deeper into one of the most exciting aspects of the ProAdvisor recast—the Accountant-approved apps! Apps are designed to save you time and streamline workflows for both you and your clients, revolutionizing the way business is managed! 

Integrate apps with QuickBooks Online 

Apps provide businesses a way to personalize their offerings, optimize processes and collaborate with team members. But not all apps are equal. We have known for years the best practice is to test an app before you connect it to your clients’ accounting. If you’ve ever connected to an app and had a terrible experience, trying again can be daunting. With the help of many industry accounting professionals who specialize in app advisory, Intuit has created an app badge system to give us the upper hand on selecting best-in-class apps! 

App expertise with the help of Accountant-Approved Apps! 

Accountant-approved apps extend past the said capabilities and dive into testing the import of data, the use of provided data, ease of use and verifying expected results. These reviews encompass a wide range of apps that help clients with streamlining workflows, project management, time tracking, and more. 

By integrating these apps into your workflows, you enhance productivity but also provide your clients with a more seamless experience leading to greater client satisfaction and referrals, ultimately boosting the growth of your firm. 

Time and Selection 

With accountant-approved apps, you can significantly reduce the time spent researching and testing. It is still best to understand why an app is needed, what problems do they solve, what are the musts and nice to haves for the app to be a success. Using an app evaluation worksheet will help create a visual awareness of requirements by grading them according to needs. Sharing these findings is a way to engage your client in the selection of apps they will be working with internally and create ownership. 

Inviting clients to demos will create an awareness of how the app can help them. 

Client Collaboration 

Many of these apps also facilitate collaboration between you and your clients. They provide a secure platform for sharing documents, discussing financial matters, and maintaining transparency in your professional relationships. 

The Intuit ProAdvisor Program has transformed to support accountants throughout their careers. This includes introducing accountant-approved apps, email templates, and the QuickBooks ecosystem, showcasing Intuit’s commitment to equipping accountants for success in today’s dynamic landscape. 

By incorporating these apps into your work, you’ll not only be able to save precious time but also streamline your daily tasks, allowing you to offer superior services to your clients. This will not only boost your firm’s growth but also enhance its efficiency and scalability. 

This is a paid partnership with Intuit.