QuickBooks Bill Pay Subscriptions

QuickBooks Bill Pay Subscriptions  

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share the news! There is now a brand-new QuickBooks feature inside of QuickBooks Online; QuickBooks Bill Pay! If you’ve been looking forward to bill pay directly inside of QuickBooks Online and offered directly by QuickBooks, today is your lucky day! Dive into this video for a detailed overview!

Setting QuickBooks Bill Pay 

Inside QuickBooks Online when you go to your expense tab you are going to see your bills dashboard.
QB Online
From there you will enter a bill and when you save you can schedule the payment. Once you hit the schedule you will be prompted to set up QuickBooks bill pay. 

QB Bill Pay-1

Set up QuickBooks bill pay

You will have to enter your bank account and choose how you want to pay, ACH or check.

QB ACH or Check

Step two is to enter the vendor information. You can also send out that bill with a tag or note stating the date it will arrive. 

QB Bill Pay

An email confirmation will then be sent to the vendor! 


Another cool thing is QB Pay is offering 3 subscription levels! Bill Pay Basic, Premium, and Elite. 

QB Bill Pay

Basic doesn’t have a monthly subscription, you will get 5 free ACH payments, anything over that 5 you will be charged $.50, you also can pay by check for $1.50 per check. Premium will give you 40 ACH bill payments, anything over will still be $.50, and $1.50 check. 

Quickbooks Bill Pay Elite Subscription Features 

Elite offers roles and permissions and workflows! This is for those working with larger clients and juggling multiple team members. There are various types of roles and permissions available inside of elite.

QB Bill Pay

You can take advantage of the various roles and create workflows for those roles.  

Example of Setting Roles in Bill Pay 

There is an option for a Clerk who would be entering the bill, then you would have an Approver who can go in see the details and approve it, then there is the Scheduler who will go in and send the funds. There is also an Admin user who would have access to all of the functions. The entire process is available and visible to the admin.

QB Bill Pay

All of this is brand new, super cool and there is so much more information to come on this and I can’t wait to share it with you all