Scaling New Heights 2022

Goals, technology, education, even germs.

Liz Scott 6/25/22

What is the Scaling New Heights Conference? 

Small businesses are transformed by Scaling New Heights through proactive financial insights based on accurate and actionable financial data. Professionals in the accounting and bookkeeping fields struggle with the inefficiencies of dated technologies, scope creep, and friction in client collaboration, which lead to extreme workload pressures and limitations in their lives and practices. The result is that they are flapping when they should be soaring.  Scaling New Heights was a blast.

What makes the People so important?

As a remote worker, I am able to focus on tasks and be task-driven, but I miss out on networking and outside idea generation. Having people to interact with nourishes my heart and mind. Human contact, including hugs and conversations, has given me endless inspiration. 

This year’s Scaling New Heights drew a larger than usual crowd of new attendees. New faces bring new ideas and perspectives. I was fortunate that one of my team members joined us at the conference. As a newbie, I asked her opinion. The answer to that question was “confidence.” She entered the meeting thinking she didn’t know enough to be there, but afterward realized she knew much more than she was giving herself credit for. Her receiving her QuickBooks Online Certification pin during Appy Hour was one of my highlights. She was given her own QuickBooks Online pin by one of my dearest friends, Ann. 

We in this industry know stickers and pins are important. The badges we receive are a great way to display what we have accomplished and what we believe is meaningful enough to warrant our efforts. 

Class selection is the key to your adventure

Choosing which class to attend is extremely difficult due to the number of classes available every year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could use a Time-Turner like Hermione Granger to be in two places at once. If I could, I would attend all classes and support all speakers. Keeping my teaching schedule light this year has allowed me to spend more time with my peers. As my only course, I promoted security awareness by urging my fellow piermen to be active participants. 

In my quest for security, my firm has migrated from Google to Microsoft. Using Microsoft’s embedded apps allows me to decrease data leaks, since I don’t have to install another application. For example, your Microsoft subscription includes Teams, Bookings, SharePoint, and Power Automate.

I was able to attend classes and hear dynamite, thought-provoking ideas.  

App’etite for Solution Providers 

My app’etite is well known. Through technology, we continue to advance as a nation and a world. It changes the structure of industries, altering the rules of competition. As a result, companies gain a competitive advantage by outperforming their competitors. As a result, companies often create completely new lines of business within existing companies. Why is technology so important to a country’s development?

Many countries, regions, and cities are increasingly seeing technology as a key factor in driving economic growth. Technology enables the efficient production of more and better goods and services, which is vital for prosperity.

People are at the center of innovation 

Attending a conference increases business collaboration by increasing the flow of data. 

Advancing the process requires research, innovation, and economic activity. Accounting professionals understand that education and change are essential. Accountants contribute directly to innovation, production, and technological development, which requires an understanding of economics and people. 

A variety of factors influence research and development, including technology, human capabilities, and social influences. Leading companies invest heavily in research and development. In recent years, technology investments in big data, artificial intelligence, and ICT have increased, potentially improving job creation, higher education, and economic growth. 

Innovations in local science contribute to numerous aspects of local economic activity, technological development, and scientific understanding.

Science, technology, and innovation (STI) policies would be benefited by gaining a deeper understanding of what the research is looking for. In order to develop the next wave of jobs and new industry standards, human mobility and talent attraction are essential. 

How to Find Balance While Making History?

Making scientific and technological progress with new products and teams of people with complementary skills requires partnerships. To do this, research and input are necessary. “We’re making history.”

In pursuit of the next big thing, people want to disrupt their daily, manual routine. In the personal technology industry, products promise to simplify your life without requiring you to learn new skills. Inexperienced users may be intimidated by the fast-moving technology trend if their experience is unfriendly. It’s hard to balance being left behind and trying new technology, which burns users. 

Accounting and businesses can advance together as more feedback is provided to developers. 

The pandemic: How has it affected conferences?

Businesses have been able to operate despite the outbreak of COVID in the world due to technological advancements. Nonetheless, COVID has both positively and negatively affected the lives of many individuals. In order to ensure equal access to education and employment, digital infrastructures are indispensable. This trend is being driven by COVID. With the rapid adoption of new specialized methods, a comprehensive digital division has resulted in those who are willing to embrace change and those who are not. It is essential for any development to recognize who will be left behind. Technology sometimes exposes generational comfort restraints. It is an opportunity for other players to embrace, expand, and provide feedback as a building block for the hybridization of technology and business. 

Accounting plays a significant role in more than just deciding on the technology for a business. Look at all the areas where accountants led the way during COVID. Online telehealth, grocery delivery bots, and e-commerce have all been revolutionized by COVID. Digital payments have increased because they are closely tied to e-services. Many firms have to lead the way for businesses by encouraging remote working in the accounting industry. Education will always be necessary, but families have more choices. Each of these topics is areas accountants have taken many of the first steps in adoptions. 

By bringing together innovative technology solutions in person, companies have the opportunity to focus their best efforts inward and forward. The purpose of trade shows should go beyond just selling; they should be used to observe instead. In what ways will users embrace the changes made by dozens of developers during COVID? Another issue is how in-person events will affect attendees’ health? 


See you next year! 

The thoughtful discussion with fellow attendees and solution providers enlightens my understanding of technology and business trends; my soul is charged, and my spirits are lifted.

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