Team Member Updates with Copilot

Do you might want to keep track of what your team members are working on, how they are communicating with others, and what challenges they are facing? Copilot can help you get a quick and comprehensive summary of a team member’s work activities and communication for the week, based on the data from Microsoft tools.

What to Expect from Copilot’s Provided Summary?

Communication and Task Overview: It quantifies the volume of emails, chats, meetings, tasks, and documents managed by team members. This includes details on what was sent, received, attended, completed, and created, along with an analysis of the main topics, keywords, and overall sentiment in communications.

Work Distribution Analysis: The summary breaks down each team member’s contributions by project, client, or department. This allows for a comparative view of individual performance against the team average, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

You have the option to dive into any specific item within the summary. This provides access to detailed information, including names, dates, and contents related to emails, chats, meetings, tasks, and documents.


Ways to use Copilot for Updates on Team Member Activities

Copilot simplifies the process of keeping up with team members’ weekly progress in two ways. First, you can use a specific prompt in Copilot to get a summary of a team member’s weekly work; second, you can ask Copilot to provide a summary for a specific team member. 

1. Use a specific prompt in Copilot 

Copilot prompts are your conversation starters, it provides guiding questions or instructions. Whether brief or detailed the essential component of a prompt is a clear objective. 

  • In the Copilot Lab there are various prompts that you can choose from. For Example: What’s new?, Get key info, Catch up on messages, Summarize emails
Team Member Updates with Copilot

2. Asking Copilot to create a team member summary

This approach adds a personal touch to the way you manage your team. With Copilot, you’re just a question away from knowing the latest updates on your team’s progress, making it a convenient and efficient way to stay in the loop. 

  • In the Copilot box, enter your command. For example, “What has Liz Scott been working on this week?”.Team Member Updates with Copilot


Copilot turns the task of keeping up with your team into a delightful breeze. It’s not just about managing; it’s about connecting, understanding, and celebrating your team’s journey together.