Proposal Creation in Word with Copilot

Copilot, integrated into Word, has quickly become a reliable resource for business tasks and intelligence gathering. With an AI assistant built into Word, creating proposals becomes a breeze.

Creating proposals can often feel like a juggling act: balancing clarity, persuasiveness, and detail. Writing a proposal letter can be time-consuming and challenging, especially without a template or sample to guide you. That’s where Copilot’s integration with Microsoft Word shines. With Microsoft 365 Copilot, proposal creation in Word becomes efficient.

In this article, we’ll dive into how to use Copilot to create a proposal letter for a client engagement in two different scenarios. First, we’ll start from scratch, prompting Copilot to craft a proposal letter based on a few simple prompts. Then, we’ll utilize an existing template and ask Copilot to customize it according to our preferences.

See it in action by watching this quick video.

Scenario 1: Writing a proposal using Copilot within Word

  1. Begin by opening a new Word document.
  2. Type your command into the ‘Draft with Copilot’ box. For example,  ‘Create an engagement letter for client ABC CO. The services provided: Convert existing QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online, include a signature and date line.’
    Proposal Creation in Word with Copilot
  3. Upon clicking ‘Generate,’ Copilot will generate results for you. Once the document is generated, you will have three options: ‘Keep it,’ ‘Regenerate’ (icon), or delete (️icon).
    Proposal Creation in Word with Copilot
    Should you desire further refinement of the draft by Copilot, you can input a command into the prompt box. For instance, you may request it to simplify the language, alter the tone, or incorporate additional details.

    Result is:

    Proposal Creation in Word with Copilot

Scenario 2: Generate a draft using an existing file

  1. Begin by generating a new blank Word document.

Proposal Creation in Word with Copilot


2. Click the paperclip icon in the ‘Prompt box,’ and the file you select will serve as the foundation for the generated content.

Furthermore, in this example, we are utilizing the QuickBooks Services Engagement Letter Templates for ProAdvisors, available here.

Alternatively, you can input the “/” slash symbol followed by the file name. For instance, ‘Create an engagement letter inspired by /QBO conversion engagement letter template.docx,’ incorporating the client name ABC Co., as well as a signature and a date line.

Note: You have the option to upload a maximum of three files, and access permission must be granted for the selected files.

Result is:

Proposal Creation in Word with Copilot

Enhance an existing document by providing further details

You can further enhance your document by clicking on ‘Inspire me’ in the ‘Draft with Copilot’ box, allowing Copilot to enhance your content. Remember that the options ‘Keep it,’ ‘Regenerate,’ and ‘Discard’ are always available.

Moreover, with Copilot as your co-writer and a reference file at your fingertips, the entire proposal creation process becomes a breeze. It’s like having the ultimate brainstorming buddy right there in your document.

Explore advanced tips and tricks for utilizing Copilot effectively by visiting our website, which hosts a wealth of articles dedicated to Copilot and its numerous capabilities.